St. Mary’s which achieved national accreditation in 1959, offers 2 specialist training programs:


• A three-year course for professional midwives

• An 18-month training course for charge midwives


The School provides daily support for the Hospital maternity ward, where St. Mary’s students work under the supervision of physicians and “tutors” with medical skills, thus creating a virtuous cycle supporting medical training and health care activities. The number of students enrolling in the School’s programs has increased over the years and the average number of students who complete the academic programs every year is around 30 for the 3-year course for professional midwives and around 12 for the training course for charge midwives.


The School’s teaching staff includes 5 “Tutors” and 3 “Clinical Mentors” who supervise the students working as midwives at the Hospital. As a matter of fact, the School cooperates very closely with the Hospital, where the students work on a daily basis, carrying out ward activities under the supervision of physicians and tutors with medical skills.


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