Health is a universal right.

Investing in health means investing in the well-being of every individual and in the future of a country. Providing professional health care means reducing and preventing the spreading of diseases that are easily treated in developed countries as well as contributing to the improvement of health and living conditions for every person. It is our responsibility and our wish to perpetuate Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli’s memory and his medical and missionary work, following the path he carved. Through the support given to the Hospital and the Midwifery School founded by Father Ambrosoli, we ensure people in Northern Uganda access to health care services and promote medical and managerial training, so as to enable the Hospital to achieve its future goal of full autonomy.


The Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital Foundation was established in 1998 by the Comboni Missionaries and Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli’s family to ensure continuity of service and a future for the Kalongo Hospital and the Midwifery Training School he had founded back in 1957. The Foundation is a member of the Hospital’s Management Board.