Fondazione Dr. Ambrosoli Medical Hospital

Fondazione Dr. Ambrosoli Medical Hospital


The Midwifery School

midwifery school studentsIn 1959 two years after the establishment of the hospital, Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli founded St.Mary's Midwifery School to face and resolve the problem of maternity and childbirth, a cause of enormous mortality at that time in Africa, by focusing on qualified training as a primary factor in giving future generations the possibility of an autonomous future in the medical field.

From its birth to today St.Mary's Midwifery School has qualified 1200 midwives who were then able to contribute professionally to prevention in healthcare and to the treatment and training of Ugandan women across the country.
Today it is considered a leading facility in medical specialist training and its qualified midwives are sought after not only in Ugandan facilities, but also in those of Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Congo and other countries of sub Saharan Africa.

a class at the St. Mary's Midwifery School

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