SOTTO-MENU-Il-Nord-Uganda The civil war that lasted over 20 years has been responsible for 100,000 deaths. 30,000 children were kidnapped and forced to become child soldiers; 1,600,000 people were deported to refugee camps, where they had to face intolerable living conditions. Life expectancy is below 54 years: diseases that can be easily treated in the developed world exact here a very high toll in terms of human lives lost. 60% of the population lives on $1 per day. Over 50% of the population is below 15 years of age. Physician-to-population ratio is 1:12,000.


In the Hospital’s catchment area:

  • maternal mortality rate is 360/100,000 deaths per live births
  • infant (under 5) mortality rate is 66/1,000 deaths per live births (UNICEF)