A midwife working in Northern Uganda has various responsibilities. The various duties of a midwife include taking care of people in a larger sense, listening and giving advice, besides supporting the medical team, and much more. Working as a midwife entails risks, such as taking quick decisions and acting timely to save no less than 2 human lives. That is why midwives play a unique, fundamental role.


At “St. Mary’s Midwifery School” students learn not only how to become competent and efficient midwives, but also how to take care of the health and well-being of mothers and their newborn infants. After graduating from St. Mary’s, thanks to the preparation they have received, midwives are perfectly capable of confidently managing any situation, even emergencies.


A midwife has to be at the service of the others, professionally but also humanely, especially when situations that cause stress, discomfort and unease have to be faced. A midwife is aware that taking care of people is essential because, as Father Giuseppe said, it is essential “To love and serve with joy”.


Sr. Carmel Abwot