Healthy women do not undergo any preventive medical check during pregnancy in Uganda. In most rural areas, it is traditional midwives who, whenever possible, go to pregnant women’s homes to check if the pregnancy is going well. As access to health care facilities is difficult, if not impossible, and because of the sociocultural model they identify with, the majority of African women turn to medical centers only in case of serious emergencies: but sometimes it is unfortunately too late to save their lives.


Life expectancy at birth is 53 years (2011 estimate). Under-five mortality has improved over the years, but its rate is 66/1,000; the maternal mortality rate is 360/100,000 (source: UNICEF) – a very high figure compared to Italy (3/100,000). It is calculated that at least 51% of Ugandan families have no access to medical care, and there is a serious lack of health professionals. One maternal death per 300 live births is recorded in Uganda.*



*Cf. WHO’s Annual World Health Statistics Report 2010; UNFPA Maternal Health Thematic Fund 2011; Situation Analysis of Children and Poverty in Uganda: Voices of Children – Perenzieto, Walker, Villar, Alder – Overseas Development Institute, 2011.



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