The Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital – is a private non-profit organization belonging to the Diocese of Gulu. It is located in Kalongo, in Agago district in Northern Uganda, in the territory of the Acholi tribe: this is a very poor area, with few communication routes and no developed settlements. Founded by F. Giuseppe Ambrosoli in 1957, the Hospital has always played a central role in the development of an area inhabited by over 500,000 people, and today it is one of the major Ugandan health care centers.


Every year, the Hospital guarantees professional health care to around 50,000 people, of which around 50% are children under 5 years. Today, the Hospital has 271 beds and 5 wards: Surgery, Maternity & Gynecology, Pediatrics & Malnutrition, General Medicine, Tuberculosis. The Hospital also includes an outpatient clinic, a clinical analysis and radiology lab, and two operating theatres, in addition to a pre- and post-natal outpatient clinic, a pediatric outpatient clinic with vaccination center and child growth monitoring unit, an outpatient clinic for HIV/AIDS patients and dedicated outpatient clinics for specific pathologies: mental disorders, epilepsy, tuberculosis. The Pediatrics ward includes a malnutrition treatment center. 98% of the staff working at Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital is from Uganda.


Download here the Kalongo Hospital Analytics Annual Report (FY 2016-2017)