Kalongo News 1-2022


Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli is being beatified on 20th November 2022 in Uganda, after a two-year delay and a long wait due to Covid 19- pandemic.

We are joyful and grateful for his beatification. We are looking forward to sharing with all of you all the events being organized to celebrate such a long waited moment: it’s a unique opportunity to encounter and remember once again the remarkable personality of Father Giuseppe, who is still a source of surprise and inspiration these days. His encouragement helps us to persevere in supporting the miracle of Kalongo Hospital.

Exactly 65 years after the foundation of the Hospital named after him and in the year of his beatification, I wonder about the future of this extraordinary endeavour, his effort to guarantee equal rights and access to medical care and schooling to everybody. A very vital institution in an area which is now even more neglected, poor and unknown to the world.

The present situation is quite uncertain, it’s a long way to go, and sometimes it feels endless.

These days, looking at the terrible events we are witnessing, let’s not be overwhelmed by a feeling of helplessness, which distress us all. Following the path of resilience revealed by Father Giuseppe, we intend to continue our work in truthfulness and hope, doing our best to promote a more honest and fairer world.

We intend to persist in conceiving new growth and development paths, together with the Hospital and the midwifery school, to provide tangible solutions to the needs of the more vulnerable people in the community. This will also offer a better future to these two organizations, which are vital to the survival of thousands of people each year.

The Hospital informed us of their many, significant needs: old buildings’ portions need to be renovated, plumbing, electrical and power systems, together with the waste disposal system – all must be refurbished, to meet the increase in complexity of hospital management and the more efficient standards required. Other needs are: roofs to be remade, an Intensive Care Unit to be added to the surgery, a new incinerator to be built and new clean energy sources to be installed.

These are priority needs, which have to be added to our ongoing support to the daily hospital needs, which in turn sharply increased during the Covid-19 pandemic; medical and technical missions must also be supported and, finally, local personnel shall be encouraged to stay on and contribute to such a challenging mission.

Please do help us to persevere in carrying on the legacy of Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli in Uganda, to let it be known to everybody. To let its needs be known. To allow his wonderful work to keep saving human lives and bear fruit. Not only in Uganda.

A good deed is a river in flood, it runs over the banks, it overflows, it’s overwhelming. It overcomes, everything.

Giovanna Ambrosoli

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