“Considering the current situation, all these jobs are madness from a human perspective.

However we do not work for our personal interest, but for the good of these people of ours,

hoping that tomorrow they will benefit from what we have done for them “

Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli, Kalongo 1974


In this difficult and uncertain circumstance for all of us, Father Giuseppe’s words give us confidence.

On Saturday Ugandan Ministry of Health confirmed the first case of Covid-19 in Uganda. The Government of Uganda has introduced very restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the virus which have now become stricter.

Dr. Tito Squillaci and the other volunteers in Kalongo had to return to Italy. We know that their departure and the cancellation of all the missions of Italian doctors, now engaged in the battle against the virus in our Country, will have serious consequences on the clinical and training activities.

The obstetrics school, like all the schools in Uganda, has been closed. We live this forced choice with great concern, because the school is a vital resource for the hospital. And with immense sadness, looking back on the dark days of over 60 years ago, when Father Giuseppe, after the forced evacuation of the hospital and despite his precarious health conditions, spent up to the last of his efforts to ensure the survival of the school.

The hospital is preparing an emergency plan, in Kalongo there are no intensive care units and adequate equipment to deal with the pandemic. The hospital cannot do it alone. Today this is even more evident to us, in light of what we are experiencing here in Italy and of the heartfelt message that Dr. Tito Squillaci has sent us.

We have a great responsibility towards the hospital and the obstetrics school and towards you as well because you believe in our work and support us.
We will work with all our energies to ensure that the hospital and the school continue to operate at their best and can prepare themselves to face the emergency.

Together we can do it!