The project is underway, carried out with the collaboration of CBM Italia and financed by AICS

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On 1 January 2023, in Kalongo the activities envisaged within the project "AID 012590/90/3 - You are not alone - inclusive health for the prevention and treatment of visual, motor and mental disabilities" funded by AICS - Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development and created by the Ambrosoli Foundation O.N.L.U.S. together with CBM Italy.

The initiative with a duration of 36 months has the objective of supporting Dr Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital Kalongo, in the expansion and strengthening of services aimed at early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of visual, motor, and mental disabilities, to reduce infant mortality and improve the quality of life and social integration of people with such disabilities. The total investment of the project is €1,468,024.40.

The absence of eye care services in the Agago district affects the quality of life of many people. The first expected result of the project is the creation of a primary-level eye clinic to ensure the provision of eye surgery services at Kalongo Hospital through the collaboration with the local partner St. Joseph Hospital in Kitgum and the support of CBM Italy, a humanitarian organization with solid experience in projects for the prevention and treatment of visual impairments in the countries of the southern hemisphere. Several scientific studies have also shown that diabetic patients increased by 198% in 2019-2020 compared to the previous year. The eye clinic will also make it possible to improve assistance to diabetic patients, guaranteeing them at least one eye check-up a year and setting up a real dedicated diabetic clinic.

Currently, the absence of rehabilitation services and a sub-intensive care unit negatively affect the outcomes of many emergency trauma hospitalizations, increasing the chances of serious repercussions that can result in permanent disabilities or death. To cope, the second result of the project envisages the inauguration of a motor and neuromotor rehabilitation centre, which can be used by people with disabilities and patients in post-operative or post-traumatic rehabilitation and the setting up of a sub-intensive. This activity will be implemented in collaboration with the specialized rehabilitation hospital CoRSU, a historical partner of CBM which provides an intervention aimed at the creation of a training program for hospital staff, allowing for the expansion of the type of surgical interventions and the quality of services for trauma, road accidents and other pathologies that can cause disability.

Finally, considering that the Agago district is the 5th in the country for the number of attempted suicides and that in 2019-2020 hospitalizations increased by 279% compared to the previous year, a counselling desk dedicated to mothers and families of people with disabilities, to provide concrete support to families who face numerous problems related to stigma, poverty and lack of adequate support from institutions. For the entire duration of the project, the integration of mental health into the essential services offered by the hospital will be strengthened, strengthening suicide prevention services and training health workers following the principles of the World Health Organization, with the hiring of specialized psychiatric personnel.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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