“We go to Africa not for pity, but for love”
Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli

In 2018, the Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital assisted  people in 25.622 its clinics and treated 16.700 patients in the departments.

To guarantee them the best possible care, to ensure management efficiency and qualitative excellence, to increase the reception capacity of a growing number of patients we need many things, but first of all specific skills to be transferred to the local staff.

Every year we send to Kalongo professionals - doctors and health workers but also consultants and management experts - to strengthen and consolidate local professional skills in the wake of the Comboni ideal of“Saving Africa with Africans”.

If you are a doctor or you have technical and managerial skills and would like to challenge yourself in a meaningful professional and human experience at the Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital, start your journey with us!

You will have the opportunity to train and exchange know-how with Ugandan colleagues and also the precious opportunity to learn much more on the field in a truly special context.

For more information about the positions we are looking for and the opportunities for volunteering call us at +39.02.36558852 or write to l.colvin@fondazioneambrosoli.it


Together we can do so much more!