«It was a highly emotional moment. Sitting around that table, we were all very much aware that we had just given the hospital a future and that Father Giuseppe’s work would continue even after us. Many times, after the evacuation, we had wished for the hospital to be able to resume its activity, as that would be the best way to honour Father Giuseppe’s memory. The most relieved of all was my father, who had always felt in his heart that he owed it to his brother. I too decided to get involved directly.”

Roberto Ambrosoli

It was February 20, 1998 when Paolo and Roberto Ambrosoli (brother and nephew of Father Giuseppe) met with the notary and together with the Comboni Missionaries gave birth to the Ambrosoli Foundation, in order to ensure continuity of service to the work Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli had started back in 1956.
The aim of the Foundation was, and still is today, to combine the spirit of assistance, solidarity and faith that inspired Father Ambrosoli with an efficient management inspired by a more effective entrepreneurial and managerial model.

The Ambrosoli family has picked up Father Giuseppe’s spiritual and material legacy and together with the Comboni Missionaries has committed itself to follow the path he carved, supporting Kalongo Hospital and the Midwifery Training School, in Northern Uganda. The Ambrosoli Foundation provides not only financial support to ensure the ongoing activities and to expand and renovate the wards, but also managerial expertise, in order to allow the two facilities to be a constant point of reference for the local population even in the future.


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