The story of Dr. Smart, CEO of Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital

While in the West we are slowly preparing for Phase 2, in other countries Covid19 is spreading. According to WHO, there are over 31,000 cases of coronavirus registered in Africa. In the last 11 days there have been 21 thousand new cases, with an average of 600 new infections per day. So far 1,400 victims have been reported. “The end of the pandemic is still faraway and we are worried about the growing trends, for example in Africa,” said the director of the Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Organization. This is why experts from all over the world have been raising the alarm for weeks: in the event of a wide spread of Covid-19 in Africa, the risk of catastrophe is high. A humanitarian, health and economic catastrophe.
Dr. Smart’s words highlight the concreteness of the work that the hospital is carrying out today and of its role in the prevention of the pandemic in Northern Uganda, the unique and main weapon to fight the spread of the disease.

At the base of the commitment that the hospital is tenaciously carrying out with us, is the great generosity and sense of responsibility of many people who connects Italy with Uganda and Africa.