Kalongo News 2-2022

last June, after more than two years due to the pandemic, I finally returned to Kalongo.
Coming back after a long time was a great emotion. I couldn't wait: the first step as soon as I entered the hospital was the visit to the new pediatric ward, which was enlarged and completely renovated, thanks to those who have helped us with significant generosity to carry out this ambitious project. A department that is finally suitable for children.

The new, large and more functional spaces allow the staff to work better, having the situation of the most critical patients always under control. And
today, all this is more important than ever: the children hospitalized in paediatrics are increasingly often in critical condition. They require great skills, high attention and, of course, a lot of resources.

I met children under ten with no one around, whose only hobby, for those lucky enough to have a bed by the window, is to observe
the world outside. They looked at me in silence, lying in their beds, with their legs in traction due to falling from the trees to pick fruits. Often that would be the only meal of the day. When I asked why they were alone, the very kind nurse who accompanied me replied that the mothers had gone to look for work in the fields to pay for their treatment and to bring them food. Some children can access a meal only thanks to the relatives of other patients who share with them the little they have.


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