thank you so much! It is thanks to you if even in 2020, whit a pandemic, we succeeded to guarantee treatments and care of high quality to thousands of people and to go ahead with our projects in Kalongo. You are helping us to write a beautiful story, that started more than 60 years ago with Father Giuseppe and is carried on even now, despite everything, by people able to look beyond one's own history, laying good and deep roots in the future.
In September, Covid-19 also arrived in Kalongo.

At the end of October a total of 44 cases have been registered, most of them within the hospital staff.

It was inevitable, considering how much the staff is daily dealing with all the others health emergencies. After a period of care and isolation positives people were discharged and the staff returned to work. But there is an even worse threat than Covid itself and it is the invisible effects of this sneaky virus. In the last months the hospital is recording numbers that raise the alarm about the real health situation of the district and threaten the economic sustainability of the hospital.

Up to September 2019, the pregnant women in the ward of maternity were 1,262, this year in the same month they were only 345, as well as the number of children hospitalized in pediatrics, that in the same period fell from 1,432 to 434. A dramatic decrease that tells us how the health emergency is impeding the access to care of hundreds of people, aggravating an already precarious economic situation and triggering a dangerous vicious circle that from a lack of health inevitably leads to poverty and vice versa.

The obstetrics school, closed since March for the pandemic, has reopened at the end of September for 109 female students of the last two years.
We are very happy for them but we are wondering what will happen to the 38 girls of the first year who for the moment cannot return to
school. Many of them will be forced to abandon their studies because the even poorer families will no longer be able to afford the expenses for the
school or will prefer to keep them at home contribute to the sustenance of the family.

Although we are aware that we are facing a 2021 full of challenges, we will tenaciously continue to do our best to ensure the
continuity and quality of care services offered by the hospital and the studies of the students of the midwifery school.

Together we can work for those without access to health and to an acceptable life, those who today feel also threatened by the pandemic, just like us.
We don't need to find any other reason to ask you to continue to support us.

Having you by our side today is all that matters.
Merry Christmas dear friends, and above all Happy New Year to you all!