Now I work at Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital as a midwife. I promise to do my best to show love and care to all patients, especially mothers and their young ones. I will try to follow Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli’s demonstration of love and hospitality. We can all live in memory of his teachings.” Sister Beatrice Kwena, midwife.

Since she was a child, Sister Beatrice Kwena has cultivated a deep religious drive and the clear will to spend herself for the most needy. At 22 in Gulu, she becomes a nun. Within her congregation, she meets sister Carmel, Director of the Kalongo Midwifery School. This meeting changes her life, making a new seed sprout in her: the desire to take care of women, mothers and their children.

In 2016, thanks to one of our donors who generously financed her studies, Sr. Beatrice Kwena obtained the Certificate in Midwifery, at Kalongo Midwifery School. Since then she has worked permanently at Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital.

Faithful to the commitment made, both as a religious and as a midwife, sister Beatrice did not stop here but chose to continue her studies and obtain a Diploma in Midwifery. And we have chosen to support her once again, because in Kalongo and beyond, there is a great need for her!

Since 1990, according to the WHO - WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION - we have been witnessing a constant decline in the maternal and neonatal mortality rate worldwide, largely attributable to the presence of a greater number of midwives.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot to do in Uganda: the maternal mortality rate is 343 per 100.000 children born alive (in Italy it is 3).

The majority of deaths can be avoided with adequate prenatal care, assisted birth and postnatal care; activities that properly trained midwives can carry out independently. In addition, midwives, as women and members of the same local communities, carry out an essential awareness-raising action for the community and can act as a spokesperson for women’s rights. They are agents of lasting change, which matures within communities. This means “Saving Africa with Africa” and this has been done by St. Mary’s Midwifery Training School since 1959.

This is why we do not step back from the commitment to do more to support this important work. We want to expand the accommodation capacity of the school from a structural point of view and improve the teaching quality of the training courses, accompanying and supporting the school in the creation of the Degree Course in Midwifery, recognized at a National level.

Stay by our side, we need your help to continue supporting the training and growth of women in Norther Uganda, thank you!