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The Foundation has collected the spiritual and material legacy of Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli
The Foundation supports the hospital and midwifery school in Kalongo, Northern Uganda, providing support to both institutions via fundraising and capacity building activities. The Foundation is guided by the principles of its founder: dedication, professionalism and participation.


The Ambrosoli Foundation was established in 1998 by Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli’s family and the Comboni Missionaries, to ensure a future and continuity of service to Kalongo Hospital and the Midwifery Training School Father Giuseppe had founded back in 1957 in Northern Uganda. Transparency, reliability and concreteness have always been the core of each action we take.

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By supporting the Dr Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital and the St. Mary Midwifery School in Kalongo we want to ensure access to qualified health care services and to improve health and life conditions of every single individual.
In line with Father Comboni’s original vision“Save Africa with Africans” we walk side by side with the local communities and promote medical and managerial training to the local personnel, with the aim of accompanying the Hospital towards self-sustainability and to support the economic and social development of the country.

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“God is love and I am his servant for those who suffer”.

Born on July 25, 1923 in Ronago, a small village in the province of Como, Father Giuseppe left his family and walked away from a brilliant career as a doctor to serve the poor.

On November 20, 2022, in Kalongo in Uganda, Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli was proclaimed Blessed.

In conjunction with the Kalongo celebrations, the Holy Mass of thanksgiving was celebrated in Como on November 20, presided over by H.E. Cardinal Oscar Cantoni.

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Each and every mother and child we help to live in good health, each person we contribute to heal, and each health worker we train are the focus of our daily work. All this is possible thanks to the trust of our supporters.

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