Dear friends,

the past year was dramatic, but it offered us some new opportunities such as intensifying the relationship with you in
a general moment of fear and loneliness. To be honest, due to the spread of the pandemic, we were afraid of not being able to
keep the commitments made with the hospital and the midwifery school.

Your prompt and concrete response in such an uncertain moment surprised us once again. It is thanks to you if we intervened promptly to support the
hospital facing the pandemic and to ensure that no medical activities were suspended. It is thanks to you if despite all the inevitable difficulties we managed to carry on the ongoing projects, concluding the new isolation wards of pediatrics, toilet facilities and the new kitchens specific for that ward: essential interventions to improve the well-being of children forced into periods of isolation. We almost reached the last year of restorations of the accomodations for hospital staff, whose continuous presence is even more important today.

Unfortunately, these concrete results go with the indirect but still dramatic effects of the pandemic.

An example above all: the number of deliveries in hospital has been halved compared to the previous year. A lot of women have renounced safe delivery for the fear and the difficulties to go to the hospital, choosing to give birth at home without the assistance of qualified midwives.
2,707 versus 4,778 deliveries: this halved number tells of deliveries occurred in extremely life-threatening conditions for mothers and their children. The hospital staff is working hard to strengthen instruments and strategies to promote health in the villages among those who do not have access to the basic health services.

And of course they are continuing to take care of the nearly 50,000 people who go to the hospital every year. Our strength in being by their side has always been the mutual trust in the relationship between the Foundation and you who support us. A red thread that connects us and you with Kalongo and allows us to carry out with coherence and seriousness the legacy of love that Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli left us, in order that the hospital remains a concrete and safe point of reference for all the thousands of people who have trusted in it for over 60 years.