Training is the best way to invest in a Country's future

This is the teaching and warning that Father Giuseppe left us with Kalongo hospital and the midwifery school that as a Foundation we carry on every day, continuing to promote the local medical and managerial training, with a specific focus on human and professional training of women, thanks also to the work of many volunteer doctors who work in the hospital.

Like the pediatrician Tito Squillaci, the first Italian doctor that returned to hospital after the outbreak of the pandemic and who worked alongside Father Giuseppe in 1984.

 "This morning, speaking to the students, I indicated the date engraved on the entrance of the midwifery school, 1956. I told them that that year, so far away, had marked our life. All of us, from the various corners of Uganda and Europe, were there because a man with an eye to the future was concerned with preparing a crowd of women capable of working for women and for their most precious good: their children. . Father Giuseppe had realized Daniel Comboni's ideal, "Saving Africa with Africa", and understood that women are the real power of African society. All this is clear when observing the professional but also psychological path that the students start: disoriented and scared on arrival, prepared professionals and self-confident in the end, capable of taking over the fate of a mother and intervene with competence. Most of them come from rural areas, where women are still subject to strong conditioning, their studies therefore become a path of emancipation, and they become examples of change and progress for other women. 

Father Giuseppe, who knew well what it meant to give birth without even a midwife, during the civil war, although aware of the risks to his life, decided not to leave Uganda: he did it to save the school for midwives, to avoid the interruption of the training of  such an important figure, but also of a new civil conscience. And today the school is there ".

Tito Squillaci

Kalongo, March 2021

Today, more than ever, the school and the hospital need regular and constant support to be able to continuously carry on their training activities, which are essential to offer qualified assistance and care every day. Thanks to the people who are supporting us and continue to trust us!

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