The Foundation intends to be a fixed point of reference for the Kalongo Hospital, providing not only financial resources but also managerial skills with the aim of helping the Uganda-based Hospital achieve its future goal of full autonomy.


The Foundation supports a non-welfare aid model which invests in the human capital as an essential element to guarantee a sustainable development of both health care services and managerial skills.


Moreover, it promotes partnerships with Italian and international not-for-profit institutions, agencies, and organizations for the execution of specific projects.


The Foundation carries out an intensive fund raising activity, organizing and promoting several actions aimed at raising awareness of the Kalongo initiative and finding new supporters.



Thanks to the funds raised, the Foundation provides:  

• resources to cover the Hospital’s basic requirements (wages, fuel, medications, medical supplies) as this is essential for the running of daily hospital activities;

managerial, medical and technical staff training, in order to make the most of local resources with a view to future autonomy;

• resources to support the activity of the Midwifery Training School – also through school grants -, so as to reduce the maternal mortality rate and contribute to the improvement of women’s living conditions.



Download the Analytical Annual Report of Dr. Ambrosoli Foundation  (FY 2014-2015)