The launch of the book “Chiamatemi Giuseppe”

adminThursday June 1st, 20170 Comments
The launch of the book “Chiamatemi Giuseppe” by Elisabetta Soglio with Giovanna Ambrosoli.        Giovedì 22 giugno – ore 18:30 Palazzo del…

The Stratetic Plan 2016-2022

adminFriday March 17th, 20170 Comments
The purpose of this plan is to communicate the hospital’s strategic vision and ambition for the next six years. This version of the strategic plan is a framework that enables the hospital…

Online the Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital Annual Report FY 2015-2016

adminThursday February 2nd, 20170 Comments
This report is narrating, through data, figures, graphs and comments, the intense work of a year done by the staff of the hospital in providing care to thousands of people looking for a healing…

Online the 1° number of Kalongo News of the 2017

adminSaturday January 28th, 20170 Comments
Here the first number  of  the year of”Kalongo News” the magazine of the Fondazione Ambrosoli. At the moment it is available only in Italian.  Click here to browse…

Welcome to the new Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital website

adminFriday January 27th, 20170 Comments
After a long wait, we are glad to launch the Dr Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital website. Click here to visit the new website.

Online the Analytical Annual Report 2014-2015

adminTuesday July 26th, 20160 Comments
It’s online the Analytical Annual Report of the Dr. Ambrosoli Foundation (FY 2014-2015). Click below to browse and share it.    

Our projects

lezione Scuola di Ostetricia

Dr. Mario Sideri Project for Kalongo

adminFriday September 18th, 20150 Comments
In Africa, the primary cause of deaths among women, also due to the high number of HIV positive patients, is the cervix cancer. An early diagnosis through pap-test and simple surgery,  would…

Our partnership with IDEA Onlus and the University of Turin

adminTuesday November 18th, 20140 Comments
Dr. Ambrosoli Foundation and IDEA Onlus (Italian Doctors for Emerging Africa) have signed an agreement together with the Faculty of Medicine of University of Turin for the periodic sending of…

Our Kalongo Hospital against HIV/AIDS

adminMonday September 8th, 20140 Comments
The HIV virus is still one of the most serious threat for the population of the poorest areas of the world such as the African Sub-Saharan regions, where HIV is associated with malnutrition, malaria,…

Sustain Us


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In this page you find how you can help us and support Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital and St. Mary’s Midwifery School of Kalongo. Your contribution allows them guarantee with continuity an efficient health service for the local population, providing…


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  A legacy is a true belief for the future of the people of North Uganda.   By choosing to make a testamentary legacy to the Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital Foundation, you will contribute an act of great solidarity, a gift for the future for those without…


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Anche quest’anno puoi scegliere di destinare il tuo 5xMille alla Fondazione Dr. Ambrosoli: è un gesto semplice, non costa nulla ma conta moltissimo!    Con questo piccolo grande contributo possiamo veramente rendere accessibili cure mediche in…